The "Race Check" Halo


Due to customer requests a new Halo has been developed to make it easy and affordable for clubs, businesses, farmers and zoos etc to adopt a simple, reliable and effective identification system.

Using the Halo's intergrated database functionality, the "Race Check" Halo has been designed and developed so that users can upload their own customised data to the scanner making the accurate identification of animals (or any item that can have a microchip implanted or attached) a very simple process.


With the Race Check, it's now possible to load up to 90,000 microchip numbers and names (or other important information) so that an operator is able to confirm this information within seconds of the animal being scanned.

Some of the applications where the Race Check Halo could be used may include:  

* The identification of racehorses, pacers and racing dogs etc 
* Clinical Notes (such as medication requirements etc)
* Vaccination Information
* Prosthetic Implants
* Inventory Control

There is virtually no limit to the types or amount of information that can be stored and accessed by simply adding the micro-chip or tag number and other relevant information to a spread sheet and uploading the data to the Race Check using the Race Check's