What is a Halo ?

When is a microchip scanner more than "just another microchip scanner" ?

We all know that a Halo is a little ring that sits above an angels head, but the Halo that we are talking about is a wonderful little high tech device that is the brains on the Scanner Angel concept.

As many people would know, when a pet is micro-chipped the "chip" is hidden under the animals skin and it can only be read with a microchip scanner (sometimes, they are also called a microchip "reader")

Up until now, microchip scanners have been quite expensive costing several hundred dollars to buy. Due to this expense, many small animal welfare and animal rescue groups were not in a position to buy one but now the Halo has made it a lot more affordable for them.

"Conventional" scanners also do a great job in reading microchip numbers but reading this number alone is not enough information to help with re-uniting a lost pet as someone needs to access one of the thousands of databases located around the world to track down the owner's information.


This is where the Halo, stands out on it's own, because not only will it read the microchip, it will also tell the user immediately if the pet that is being scanned has been reported as missing on Scanner Angel.

Not only is the halo the first scanner in the world to be enabled for Scanner Angel, it is virtually the the cheapest microchip scanner that you will find anywhere.

If you have been thinking about buying a microchip scanner but have not been able to afford it,

we are sure that the price of the Halo will change your mind.

Look at some of the other features that are packed into this amazing little device:

*  Reads all ISO Standard FDX-B and many FDX-A Microchips
       (Will NOT read Trovan "Unique" or AVID Encrypted Microchips)


           * The Australian Veterinary Association's "Protocol for Electonic Identification

              of Animals", states that all Microchips used in Australia for companion animals 

              after December 31, 2001 should comply with the ISO (FDX/B) Standard. 


*  Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery

            * Can be easily charged via a USB Port on a computer, Mains Charging

               Adapter or a Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter

*   Long Battery Life

            * A single charge of 3 hours gives approximately 2 months of standby or​

              approximately 1,000 (8 Second) Scans.

*   Easy on the Eyes​

              * The Halo has a large 2 Line, 16 Character display (50mm x 13 mm)

*     Internal Memory


              *  When connected to your computer, the Scanner Angel Software has

                  the ability to​ show the last 2,000 scanned numbers.

*    Easy to Use


             *  Simply squeeze your ergonomically designed Halo and using it's large

                scanning area, the Halo goes to work looking for a microchip.

*   Compact and Light Weight


            *  The Halo weighs in at 163 grams and it is only 135 mm x 33 mm

*     Very Affordable


            *  The Halo is probably the cheapest microchip scanner that you will find

                on the market ANYWHERE​

*     Colourful

           *  The Halo is the only microchip scanner that's available in seven colours !

               White, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Sky Blue and of course, Pink


Normally, microchip scanners such as the Halo, will detect and display an animal's microchip number

If the animal being scanned has been reported as missing to Scanner Angel,

the Halo will also tell you who should

be contacted so that the animal can be

quickly reunited with it's owners.

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Information Sheet

Halo Microchip Scanner

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$130.00 ea

PLUS $20.00



Halo Microchip Scanner with Case 

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$155.00 ea

PLUS $25.00


If you are wanting to buy any Halos for Animal Rescue or Welfare Groups etc, please phone or send us an email for pricing and ordering information.       

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